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tv   WLWT News 5 at Noon  NBC  March 1, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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-- >> from cincinnati' s wlwt, leading the way. this is wlwt news 5 at noon. [captioning made possible by wlwt-tv] mark: new developments, one day after a 14-year-old opened fire on his classmates. teachers and staff are back at madison junior and senior high school. the plan they' re working on to help their students return to class tomorrow. this comes as the suspected school shooter made his first court appearance. 14-year-old austin hancock is facing several charges. we know he is a student at the school and he is on the wrestling team. the wrestling team connects hancock to one of the shooting victims. school officials say 14-year-old cooper caffrey is also on the
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the other shooting victim is 15-year-old cameron smith. and investigators are trying to determine why they were targeted. we are told two other 14-year-old students were hurt. shrapnel, brant murray was injured in the chaos after the shots were fired. today we' re also getting the latest on the victim' s conditions from the hospital. good afternoon, i' lisa cooney on assignment. wlwt continues to lead the way on this shooting. karin johnson is live in hamilton with the charges on the suspect in what happened in court. good afternoon. karin: good afternoon. 14-year-old james austin hancock made his first appearance here. his attorney entered a denial of
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the madison township junior is charged with two counts of attempted murder, two counts of full odious assault, -- of felonious assault. he is accused of shooting to students. two others were injured. they all are expected to be ok. i' m told hancock does not have a criminal history, at this point, investigators have not commented on motive or how he got the gun. the next court date here the juvenile courthouse has been set hancock will remain at the juvenile detention center. live in hamilton, karin johnson, wlwt news 5. mark: thank you. junior and senior high school s shooting. but teachers and staff are at the school meeting on how the wlwt news 5' s andrew setters is live at the school with the latest. andrew, good afternoon. teachers were called in for a full staff meeting this morning. as the superintendent put it, everyone who gets a paycheck from the district was here.
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forward. teachers and other staff members came to school this morning, but students did not. they were given the day off while the district works on how to move forward. superintendent curtis philpot says a crisis response team is meeting with staff, and counselors will be available for students tomorrow too. tomorrow, the plan is to go back to class. students can expect to see extra staff in the cafeteria to help reassure them. parents may also see extra staff on busses to calm fears too. and everyone will get a chance to come together tonight. curtis philpot: tonight, from 6 :00 to 7:30, we' ll open up the facilities and have a walk through for families, so that they may bring their children and families can feel comfortable with their return to school tomorrow. we definitely want to increase their comfort level as they return to school, and we value the importance of family in this situation. andrew: the superintendent also thanked his staff and students, along with the first responders
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s shooting. reporting live andrew setters, , wlwt news 5. mark: andrew, thank you. thoughts and prayers area also going out to the four students injured at madison junior and senior high school on monday. wlwt news 5' s todd dykes continues with the latest on their conditions. todd: one day after that 14-year-old pulled a gun out and fired it classmates at madison junior senior high school, the goal dell for those who are hurt is to recover and pick up the pieces. the two boys who were hit by bullets, remain in stable condition. they were alert and awake when they arrived in miami valley high school yesterday by helicopter, that' s trauma unit. every shot to the hospital to see if loved ones of either young man wants to speak out. point. i will certainly keep trying. we' ve spoken to the mom of
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injured by shrapnel try to get out of the scene in the cafeteria. here' s what her mom told my colleague, tammy mutasa last night. stephanie doucette: she' s still she' s known these kids, even the shooter, she knows and its hard to think that -- you know her biggest question is why? todd: her biggest question and s biggest question right now, why did this happen? no new information, staff as it was yesterday. stable conditions. school leaders came here last night from the madison school district, they visited with both boys, spirits were very high and they were both doing very well. encouraging news on that front. reporting live in dayton, todd dykes, wlwt news 5. mark: todd, thank you. we have ongoing coverage of the school shooting online at, and on our wlwt mobile you can watch more interviews
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from the scene. greater cincinnati is bracing for a storm. wlwt news 5 meteorologist randi rico has cincinnati' s most accurate forecast. randi: many towns saw a quick burst of rain rumble of thunder in the morning hours. now the steady rain is rolling through southeastern indiana, right on time, crossing over the state line and heading into ohio and kentucky. some of the areas of rainfall you can see those continuing through counties. a little bit of heavy rain south of wilmington. also a pocket overtopped and lightning. s a the hoosier state. connors will seeing intense lightning. further south, ripley county is at this point. heavy rain falling along 421
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once the steady rain rolls through for most of us over the next couple of hours, i wouldn' t expect the back edge of that rain to get to us until 4:00 p.m. several hours of sustained downpours. there is some threat for severe weather, but not huge. plan on heavy downpours and lightning now through 4:00. a final line between 5:00 at 8:00, then we change over to flurries later on tonight. we take a look at the flurry transition, and if any snow will minutes. mark: randi, thank you. we' re learning how a runner was killed, after being hit by a car in greensburg, indiana. it happened after 7:00 last night, at the intersection of moscow road and veterans way. indiana police say 20-year-old dorothy whitmore was running, and entered an intersection right into the path of a car. the car was driven by a 94-year-old woman. whitmore was flown to a hospital in indianapolis, where she died. this is a photo of the driver' s car. investigators have not filed any charges and do not believe drugs or alcohol were factors in the crash. in commitment 2016 -- it' s super
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candidate expected to get the biggest win isn' t starting the day in any of the states going to the polls. right now, donald trump is focusing on ohio. wlwt news 5' s john london is live in columbus where trump is expected to take the stage. john, good afternoon. john: hey, mark. we are waiting for him to arrive here as are several thousand people gathered here for rally at the cavernous hangar at port columbus international airport. he is moments away, we' re told. he is flying high in the polls and his landing here two weeks ahead of the ohio primary is a direct message to the kasich campaign. john kasich wants ohio to be his firewall, and trump is determined to knock it down. this hangar holds 5,000. some are here as true trump believers, some for sheer spectacle.
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of usa and build that wall. linda caudill of delhi drove ten volunteers here for the rally. he relates to trump' s jobs message, says the tone is unfortunate but considers trump a strong leader. kasich calls the tone disgraceful. rubio labels trump a con artist. julie lampe of ashtabula told us she has heard all that and dismisses it, because she says trump hangs political correctness out to dry and tells it like it is. his ohio stop here today is designed to create a sense of inevitability on this super tuesday. live in columbus, john london, wlwt news 5. mark: john, thank you. the rest of the presidential candidates seem to be focused on the states casting a ballot today. and depending on how voting goes, some campaigns could end while others are solidified. nbc' s tracie potts has the
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washington. tracie: senator bernie sanders. >> yeah, we know who you are. tracie: voting back home in vermont this morning, the one state he' s almost sure to win today. sen. bernie sanders: i' m large voter turnout today across this country we are going to do well. if not we are probably going to be struggling. tracie: hillary clinton is 10 points ahead in our new she' s headed to florida to watch results there tonight. 12 states choose candidates today -- 10 where both parties compete, plus the democrats in colorado, and republicans in alaska. texas, today' s largest, a must-win for ted cruz. he and marco rubio are fighting to finish strong today, then take on donald trump in "winner-take-all" florida later this month. in washington this morning, a strong rebuke from the house speaker, on trump failing to denounce the kkk. house speaker paul ryan: if a
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of the republican party, there can be no evasion and no games, they must reject any group or cause that is built on bigotry. tracie: but trump' s still gaining support, now at 40%, a new high, in our new poll. that poll also found that one on one, neither rubio nor cruz could beat trump. today could determine how much longer they get a chance to try. tracie potts, nbc news, washington. mark: states voting today include alabama, arkansas, georgia, massachusetts, minnesota, oklahoma, tennessee, texas, vermont and virginia. democrats in colorado. democrats also have a contest in american samoa and for democrats a virginia police officer killed in the line of duty. how the community is coming together to remember her today. local judge susan dlott and
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the two suspects who pleaded guilty to the charges. randi: heavy rain rolling toward cincinnati. thunder and lightning as well. when you are part of town will get the heaviest downpours, and what we see a change over from
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mark: welcome back. continuing our coverage at noon, met us -- madison school will be open to students and their family tonight, one day after a shooting in the cafeteria. classes will resume tomorrow, and the district wants the chance for students to walk through the school, and feel safe. the student charged in the shooting, austin hancock, appeared in juvenile court this morning, and entered a denial of charge, a juvenile equivalent of "not guilty." four students were injured in the shooting -- two hit by bullets, the other two were hurt in the chaos. stay with wlwt news 5 for continuing coverage online and on-air of this story as it develops. a virginia police officer -- gunned down on her first day on the job -- will be laid to rest today. the body of officer ashley guindon was escorted by dozens of police cars and motorcycles last night to hylton memorial chapel, which is where her funeral service is underway.
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responding to a domestic violence call. the other two officers who were shot are expected to survive. body found in a bracken county creek over the weekend is that of a missing mother. the father of tara turner tells us, investigators matched tattoos to identify the body. fishermen spotted tara' s body in snag creek on sunday, outside foster, kentucky. the mother of three was last seen january 31. investigators have not said how she died. police in evendale are looking for three suspected robbers. police say on february 23, two police say on february 23, two of the suspects -- a male and female -- targeted a handicapped woman at the wal-mart in evendale the two are believed to have gotten away with about $500, before fleeing in a dark green blue ash police had a similar incident involving another woman. police believed they may be traveling around together.
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judge susan dlott and attorney stan chesley in their indian hill home, back in december. on monday, darrell kinney and terry jackson jr. both pleaded guilty to three counts of aggravated robbery, two counts of kidnapping, as well as aggravated burglary, and kinney also admitted to a vandalism charge. while jackson also admitted to an assault charge. 29. another man, demetrius williams, is also charged in the burglary. also making headlines this news, the heroin epidemic in greater cincinnati. the hamilton county sheriff is hosting a forum, and asking for the public' s help. it gets started tonight at the university of cincinnati' s blue ash campus. the forum goes from 6:00 until 8:00 at the muntz hall auditorium. >> cincinnati' s certified most accurate forecast. randi: right on time, the heavy rain is really across the state line from indiana into ohio and kentucky. we have seen spotty showers and storms through the early morning hours, now as we head into the afternoon, the steadier downpours are moving in.
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s get right to the place s fayette county in indiana. downpours on top of connors phil. we have the indication of thunder and lightning through union county. a little further south on the 74 corridor. they' rain. there is some. i wait to see a ministry of the most intense rainfall and also the best representative lightning, generally on the leading edge. that' between now and 2:00. right when the rain starts, you get some gusty wind and intense lightning as well. you have about three hours to four hours worth of steady rain, of st. louis is changing rate
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we have the potential to see a couple of flurries on a very backside of the system. the storm production center continues to show that severe weather threat further and further south. our entire area, cincinnati and areas to the southeast are under a marginal threat for severe weather. why. without storms work over the atmosphere into butler county. but take a look at the temperature map. are in the 60' southeastern communities. there' s enough juice in the atmosphere, the next to temperatures in the 60' s now, to wind as we go through the in. the next couple of hours. right now, sitting at 53 in cincinnati, only in the 40' s and connors phil. here' s the projection for the storms. the leading edge of rain rolling into our eastern communities by 2:00 p.m. between now and 2:00, everybody starts to get on soaking rain.
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71 and 75 corridor . 4:00, you can see will be happening as we get towards the start of the evening rush. the heavier rain should be shifting to the eastern communities at that point. as we get towards 5:00 and 6:00, we get rid of a breather as we wait the cold front. good news for the evening commute, the rain should be done at that point. as we head toward 7:00 and 8:00, here comes the cold front. another shot of rain quickly at 7:00, that will move out by 8:00 and 9:00, anything that falls after that point will come in the form of a couple of flurries because temperatures are dropping. they should melt right when he hit the surface. 52 today, heavy rain and gusty wind. tonight, a couple flurries possible, we get down to 28 and then tomorrow, plan on a high around 35. cloudy and much cooler with a stray flurry possible for wednesday. on thursday, the nexus to rolls in. it starts with light snow in the morning, minimal minor
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transitioning over the cold rain that will last for the rest of the day is temperatures climb into the upper 30' s. we can to do to track that system for thursday, by the weekend, sunshine returns arises in the 50' s. mark: thank you. back to 2016 coverage, donald trump has landed at the campaign event in columbus. this is a live picture from the airplane hangar. donald trump is set to emerge from his own personal plane that he has been using throughout the week for the presidency. wlwt news 5 ' s john london is s going to have coverage coming up this evening as we lead the way on this commitment 2016 coverage. donald trump has arrived in the rally in columbus, set to emerge from his plane. you see staff members coming off the plane right now, and donald trump obviously will not be far behind. we continue to bring you the latest on the trump rally and his message to his constituents
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ohio is not going to the ballot today, but super tuesday is upon us and 12 other states in american samoa also going to the polls today. donald trump is not too concerned about those states, he has the big lead in most of those dates, etc. texas, where ted cruz is leading. he is currently sitting senator there. our coverage continues for 2016 as we wait for the full report on news five at 5:00. beyond the call of duty. , the story behind the ohio man, awarded the medal of honor. plus, a new option from one of cincinnati' s favorite ice cream makers. our taste test of the mystery flavor, from graeter'
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wh mark: welcome back. we continue with commitment coverage. donald trump has just arrived in ohio, and we see new jersey governor chris christie they are getting ready to introduce donald trump. this christie suspended his campaign just in the last couple
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s run for the republican nomination. they are they are in the airplane hangar in columbus. john london reported to us holds about 5000 people. another hearty rally and well attended by donald trump and his constituents showing up en masse for him this afternoon. it is super tuesday, 12 states going to the polls today. all know. but he continues to not worry s pressing on here in ohio. that' will full wrapup of that event for you when news five at 5:00. an ohio-native and navy seal is medal of honor. edward byers helped rescue an abducted in afghanistan, in december 2012. the white house says byers served as a human shield during a firefight with militants to safely get doctor dilip joseph out alive.
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member to be awarded the medal of honor for actions in afghanistan. it' s that time of year again, for graeter' s to reveal their mystery flavor. we got a special delivery on monday, and it was pretty tasty. the new flavor is called ' cheese crown' , and it' s based off of the popular pastry you can also by at graeter' s. the man who created the flavor says it will be around as long as there' s a demand for it and people like it. randi: we like it. storms rolling through between now and 4:00 p.m. expect steadier rain, some heavier downpours and thunder
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lights, camera, access. >> tonight is the night. >> good to be alive right about now. >> it's amazing. >>o my god. >> leo at last. plus he had plenty of company when it came to first-time winners. i'm billy bush with so many bend the scene momentsike


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